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Public Food Services

To protect food sold to the public, by sanitation inspections of restaurants, school cafeterias, retail groceries and other places, which sell or serve food to the public.  By approving permits for food establishments, offering food service classes for ALL food handlers and responding to food borne illness outbreaks.

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On-Site Sewage Disposal

To help prevent health hazards and pollution, by providing assistance to prospective land buyers as to the suitability of the site for an on-site sewage system and system design.  We approve on-site sewage disposal systems for public and private buildings.  We issue permits to owners for approved sewage disposal installations and inspections of installed on-site sewage disposal systems.

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Plumbing Inspections

A state plumbing inspector has an office in the health department.  He provides permits and inspections for inside plumbing for residential and commercial housing/buildings.  His office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays only.

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Rodent & Vector Control

To control potential breeding sites, we will investigate and provide information for the removing of rodents and vectors from an area.

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Rabies Control

To protect people and their pets from rabies, by acting in an advisory capacity when an animal is suspected of being rabid.  We require the owner to quarantine any biting animal suspected of being rabid.  With the cooperation of local veterinarians, we provide low cost clinics for the inoculation of dogs and cats against

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Public Facilities

We provide permits and inspection services, review building plans for various public facilities including: mobile home parks, recreational vehicle parks, hotels, motels, public buildings, recreation areas, youth camps, schools, public swimming pools, spas, and boarding homes.

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Residents may consult with our staff on any nuisance control problem that affects the health of community.

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Radiation Control

We offer consumer assistance and protection by providing consultation, assistance and referral for Radon gas.  We provide presentations on radon to community groups, schools, etc. as requested.

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Septic Tank Cleaners

We regulate businesses and vehicles that clean septic tanks and monitor disposal waste.

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Private Water Supplies

We will collect and test samples from any non-public water supply and offer consulting assistance to the owner if the supply is not pure.

                                                                Guidelines for Sewage, Plumbing and Building Permits

Below is a step-by-step procedure for obtaining permits for sewage, building, and plumbing. Septic systems must be installed and approved before the building is occupied. 

  1. Before buying a lot contact the health department to perform a soil evaluation. An application must be completed with the Garrard County Health Department. A backhoe will be required for the evaluation. The site evaluation will determine the suitability of the soil for an onsite sewage disposal system. The soil evaluation fee is $200.00 payable to the Garrard County Health Department. 

  2.  Once the soil evaluation is completed and a suitable area determined, the environmentalist will give you a report of the results and your system options. If a suitable area is not available there may be system modifications available to upgrade the suitability of your lot. This report must be submitted to the Building Inspector to obtain a building permit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tim Scott                                                                                                                                                                                                                Building Code Enforcement                                                                                                                                                                                   15 Public Square, Suite 3 Lancaster, KY 40444                                                                                                                                                                                           (859) 339-0739

  3. Before the plumbing permit is issued the permit for the septic system must be obtained. A list of certified installers in Garrard County is available by request at the Health Department. Before the permit is issued the installer must provide the health department with a drawing of the system showing all component locations, any required modifications and grade shots on lateral lines.

    The septic permit fee is $250.00 payable to the Garrard County Health Department.

  4. To obtain a plumbing permit contact Isaac Clar, State Plumbing Inspector. He is available in Garrard County on Wednesday’s from 8:00-9:30AM. His office is located in the lobby of the environmental section of the Health Department. He may be reached by phone at (859) 792-2153.
  5. Other steps are necessary on any type of business or commercial building. Contact the Health Department for more information.